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No matter the era, some topics will always be controversial. We offer our perspectives on these topics.

Points of View on Popular Topics

To engage in public discourse requires knowledge of the subject matter, as well as perspectives that tackle the topics from different vantage points. 

The list of topics and articles below is a curated list by our various authors from over a decade. As with any selection of writings from various authors, the rhetoric might differ, and maybe even their conclusions. Regardless, you will be more informed after reading! 


Lifelong Implications for a Major Issue of our Time

Being able to articulate and rhetorically compel others to listen to our view is one of the most difficult aspects of the abortion debate over abortion. 


As sure a thing as death. Or could it be abolished?

Taxes are often seen as the way in which the common good is attained, the rich are kept accountable, and the poor are taken care of; however, is this the truth? It may be difficult for a Christian libertarian to interpret what the Bible has to say regarding taxation, but we are called to seek the truth. 



"God and Country" Christians are proud of their country. Should they be?

Patriotism is complicated for a variety of reasons, so it is important for Christian libertarians to know their stuff when it comes to how Christians should relate to the state. 

Democratic Socialism

Popularized by democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, this topic has become a national talking point.

Whether it is endorsed by name or by ideology, democratic socialism and its platform has captured the attention of many, including Christians. Advocates of free market capitalism should be equipped with as much knowledge as possible on how to combat this pernicious ideology. 


Is holy matrimony on a collision course with evolving American social values?

Marriage is a sacred institution and a cornerstone of a good society. The image of marriage shifts with the tides of culture, and the state’s entanglement with it gives libertarian Christians a lot to untangle. 


"War is the health of the state," says Randolph Bourne.

Christians should be against war in all but the rarest of circumstances (even then we should double-check!). 

War in the forest


Followers of the Prince of Peace should be expected to walk in the way of peace.

War, violence, and general aggression saturate our everyday lives. Libertarian Christians affirm the non-aggression principle, but does that mean they are pacifists? Is the NAP sufficient for a Christian, or must we walk an even narrower path as we follow the Prince of Peace – something easier said than done. 


Is wealth merely a matter of merit? Can we accumulate too much?

The topic of wealth gets a lot of attention in today’s news, but what does the libertarian Christian think about wealth and abundance? Does God only bless some and not others? Do the wealthy have obligations to share? Where does the topic of equality fit in?

These questions and more are discussed in the following articles.

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