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The Separation of Marriage and State

This guest post is by Jeremy Mack of The Evangelical Libertarian. Though I do not necessarily agree with everything in …

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Should the Ten Commandments be posted?

Someone asked me what I thought about the Ten Commandments being posted inside or in front of courthouses. My short answer is: what’s the point?, who cares?, and this is much ado about nothing. My long answer is what follows.

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Christian Worldview

How the Church can reasonably respond to same-sex marriage

Well-known pastor and author Rob Bell recently stated that he now supports same-sex marriage. Odyssey Networks posts a new interview …

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Book Reviews

“The Ethics of Martin Luther” Book Review

Book review of The Ethics of Martin Luther by Paul Althaus, translated by Robert C. Schultz. Augsberg Fortress Press, 1972. …

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Classical Liberalism and Religion

Originally by Edmund Opitz in the November 1985 issue of The Freeman. Classical liberalism created a revolutionary new view of …

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