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Do Americans Live in a Free Society?

Whenever I hear someone say that U.S. troops fighting overseas somewhere, anywhere—it doesn’t matter where—are defending our freedoms, it makes …

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Christian Worldview

Hope for the Dead, Hope for the Living

Two articles came to my attention today that are well worth reading. The first comes from Judge Andrew Napolitano as …

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News of the Week (May 14, 2013): The “Breeding for Liberty” Edition

Recapping the interesting and significant news of the past (few) weeks… It has been a quiet past week at LCC, …

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Freakonomics on the Ten Commandments of The American Religion, and more.

More from the “blog posts you should read” department… The gentlemen at the Freakonomics blog had some excellent things to …

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Homeland Tyranny

This entry is part 10 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

This article is #10 of a weekly series highlighting the former memes of Bureaucrash, an organization once headed by my …

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