Good News, Bad News

Good News, Bad News, with Matthew Bellis, gives you the libertarian Christian analysis of the news that’s happening in your world.

Fauci Lied, Ukrainian Sirens Cried, Ohio Rivers Died

Matthew takes us on a very strange journey that is behind the now proven conspiracy theory of the Lab Leak, watch the fun of Fauci lying and realize that we live in a kingdom built on half-truths. He also takes us to war-torn Ukraine with some all too convenient sirens,

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Biden’s State of the Union, Trans Riots, and IRS Abolition

Matthew Bellis gives us a rundown of recent news, including a transgender surgical ban in Oklahoma, where trans activists rioted (or did they?!) at the capitol building. Will the IRS be abolished soon, thanks to a new proposed legislation? And what does magician Doc Dixon think about President Joe Biden’s

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Gaslighting in 2022

Gaslighting, a strange word for the word of the year, although there’s a good reason as to why Merriam-Webster chose it. Whether they meant it that way or not, we have seen a lot of gaslighting from media, government, and celebrities alike. Take note with us as we dive into

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