libertarianism does not require

Libertarianism Does Not Require Making Jesus into a Modern Man

There has been a tendency in post-Enlightenment Biblical interpretation to assume that the scriptures provide us with automatic, obvious answers to modern questions. The consequence of this assumption about the …

Can Catholics Be Libertarian
Christian Worldview

Can Catholics Be Libertarian? 4 Things You Should Know About Catholicism and Libertarianism

Can Catholics Be Libertarian? According to an American Values Survey, libertarians make up at least 7% of Americans. In addition, about 15% of Americans would consider or already do vote …

kingdom of god war with the state

The Almighty Kingdom of God is Actually at War with the Depraved State

The Kingdom of God is at war with the State. The increase of one necessitates the diminution of the other. So it has always been. Jesus proclaimed the good news …


New RSS Feed for LCI

This year has been one of growth and development and we’re excited about the future, and the new things we’ve got coming down the pike. This comes with a number …

election day voted christian
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Election Day: Voting is The New Christian Sacrament?

Just recently Americans celebrated one of the high holy days of our faith. Tens of millions of people took part in it and demonstrations occurred in every state. The airways …

american sacrament allegiance to christ

The American Sacrament that Denies Allegiance to Christ

There’s an antebellum African-American spiritual song called “Down by the Riverside.” The song reflects upon being baptized and what it means for the one who receives the sacrament. Lines like …

Censorship, Elon Musk, and Twitter

Free Speech: Censorship, Elon Musk, and Twitter

Elon Musk has completed a private acquisition of Twitter, promising to unshackle what’s supposed to be a free speech forum from the chains of progressive ruling-class censorship. This is a …

Christian Worldview

Voting for Immoral Candidates Isn’t Licensed by Romans 13

Is it justifiable to vote for an immoral candidate from a scriptural perspective? Does Romans 13 give you a way out?

Proof-texting political authority and Romans 13
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Proof-texting Political Authority and Romans 13

There’s a problem with proof-texting political authority and Romans 13. This article follows from my last post addressing the Russia-Ukraine War of 2022. And though the piece I’m critiquing itself …

God and Human Governments
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God And Human Governments

Originally written by David Lipscomb God and Human Governments. We have received a pamphlet from the author, E.R. Craven, entitled, “Religious Defect of the Constitution of the United States.” The …