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The Freedom to Move

This classic essay was originally written by Oscar Cooley and Paul Poirot, and is excerpted from a pamphlet originally published …

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Equal But Not the Same

By Edmund Opitz. —- The real American revolution of two hundred years ago took place in the minds of people; …

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Is There a Libertarian Position on Same-Sex Marriage?

The subjects of abortion and same-sex marriage are not just points of contention between liberals and conservatives and Democrats and …

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Can a Christian fight?

This entry is part 24 of 44 in the series Christian Theology of Public Policy Course

This essay continues the Christian Theology and Public Policy Course by John Cobin, author of the books Bible and Government …

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Jon Stewart Crushes Obama on Civil Liberties

This clip speaks for itself. Oh wait, I get it. He’s a Democrat stealing the thunder of Republican big-government programs. …

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Supreme Court will take Austin Case

I live in Austin, Texas, arguably one of the strangest places in the United States (I would also add it’s …

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