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Work and Worship (Book Review)

Overview In Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy, authors Matthew Kaemingk and Cory B. Willson set out to …

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Theological Implications of State Social Justice Programs

Christians who identify with a Left political ideology frequently appeal to state intervention in the market as a means of promoting the common good. This is especially true as it relates to many Christians who place an emphasis on promoting social justice. Having attended a Jesuit University where progressive politics were dominant and social justice was held in very high esteem, I can readily attest to this. For examples beyond my personal anecdotes, see the anti-libertarian conference Erroneous Autonomy at The Catholic University of America, and note some recent trends among protestant Christians.

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News of the Week: On Productivity and Science

Recapping the interesting and noteworthy events of the past week. I love Cal Newport’s Study Hacks blog. He is an …

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