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mustard seed

The Astonishing Power of a Faithful Mustard Seed Revolution

Tucked away in one of Jesus’ short, unassuming parables is a hidden subversive message that pronounces coming judgment upon mankind’s …

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conflicting beliefs on romans 13 cognitive dissonance scriptural interpretation
Christian Worldview

Conflicting Beliefs on Romans 13: Why We Still Disagree

If anyone wasn’t already aware how heated the ongoing debate is over conflicting beliefs on Romans 13, 2021 certainly highlighted …

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Book Reviews

The Sin of Certainty

Learning more about our faith surely is a great thing, but can there be a negative on the flip side? Could the over-elevation of certainty be considered a sin?

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God and the freedom to choose

This guest post is by Irene Ketegwe from Dar es salaam-Tanzania. She is currently an intern doctor at the First …

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A Faith-Based Budget for the State?

As expected, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget resolution (H. CON. RES. 112), which he called “The Path to …

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