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As sure a thing as death. Or could it be abolished?

Taxes are often seen as the way in which the common good is attained, the rich are kept accountable, and the poor are taken care of; however, is this the truth? It may be difficult for a Christian libertarian to interpret what the Bible has to say regarding taxation, but we are called to seek the truth. 

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what would jesus do

What Would Jesus Do?

Emmanuel (God with us), Jesus looked into the hearts of religious and politically powerful men and then bluntly told them what he saw: a self-absorbed

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Beast of Revelation

The Beast in Revelation

The Beast in Revelation’s Wide Influence The book of Revelation has captured the imagination of Christians for a long time. Not only does it describe

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what is a human

What Is a Human?

One of the most memorable scenes in Monty Python’s irreverent 1979 film Life of Brian is a conversation among first-century Jewish zealots about identity. As

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