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Is America the Last, Best Hope of the World?

The idea that America is the last, best hope of the world is the spirit that animates a great deal of political activity in our country. The “last, best hope” is one of the most enduring rallying cries preached to garner support and enthusiasm for major government initiatives throughout American history. It has become such a widely accepted notion that its veracity and relevance for lawmaking and executive action is simply assumed, even among Christians.

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Slavery in the Bible

This guest post is by Rev. Donald Ehrke. He is a Libertarian, a former GOP campaign manager, and ordained minister …

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Book Reviews

“An Evangelical Social Gospel?” Book Review

While there have always been schisms in the Christian faith, the current theological/political divide between the Christian Left and the …

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Speedlinking Friday: Meltdown, Kindle, Putin, and Lincoln

You need to watch this video of Thomas Woods on the Glenn Beck show. If only Beck would have been …

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