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Since 2008 libertarianchristians.com has been a place to find solid theology, sound reasoning, and competent economic thinking. For over a dozen years, Norman Horn’s side project to promote the message of liberty from a Christian perspective has grown into a movement within the libertarian movement over the past decade. 

Many of you have been a part of this growing movement, and have seen the progress we’ve made. Whether you’ve been a regular reader of our blog, a faithful listener to our podcast, or a supporter in a myriad other ways, you know what it’s like to find solid, faith-based arguments for a free society. 

The Libertarian Christian Institute has been slowly and steadily growing to create more and more resources for believers to make the Christian case for a free society.

LCI views 2021 as a critical year of growth. Not only do we have a tremendous resource available to you, we are working on improvements to our website, podcast, YouTube channel, and more that will improve our ability to equip you to spread the message of liberty! 

If there were ever a critical time to begin supporting LCI financially, 2021 is such a crucial year for us to gain traction toward spreading the message. We want to distribute thousands of copies of Faith Seeking Freedom this year, and we need your help in order to do this. 

So here are are four simple ways you can support us: 

  1. Pray for us – if you regularly pray for LCI, please send us a note and we’ll share with you specific ways we know you can pray for us

  2. Encourage us – if you have a moment, send us a brief note of encouragement, and be specific about what you’re thankful for! We love hearing from you! 

  3. Connect us to Christian influencers – if you know a podcaster, a preacher, or publication willing to talk to LCI about our book, reply to this email with the details

  4. Support us financially – we know not everyone can support us with a large donation, but if a large group supports LCI at $10/month, we could meet and exceed our goals each month! 

Obviously, there are other ways to help our cause, from writing guest posts to sharing our articles on social media. But the above are some really critical ways to help us create more Christians who love liberty and promote a peaceful, free society. 

Will you be part of the Christian movement toward a free society? The Libertarian Christian Institute will help you make that case. Join us today! 

The Libertarian Christian Institute has helped me to be more bold in proclaiming to friends, family, and strangers that all people, everywhere, are freely given God's love, and in this we can move in our freedom and love each other completely."


LCI has helped me know I am not alone in my Christian convictions concerning the illegitimacy of the state. The resources they make available have been challenging and edifying.


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