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Good News Bad News Feb 26, 2021: Billie Holiday, Bitcoin, Bad Libertarians, and Mars Rovers

In this episode, we discuss the tragedy of Billie Holiday’s death, the latest milestones of Bitcoin, the problem some libertarians …

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Christians Should Care About Wealth Inequality – When It’s Caused By The Government

Some say we are living in a new Gilded Age. The first Gilded Age, you may recall from your old …

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Don’t Let the Left (and the Right) Steal “Social Justice”

“There is no sport for the ignoramus like killing a useful word.” –Owen Barfield, World’s Apart, 1963 The meaning of words can …

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Politics, Left and Right

Tim Suttle, author of An Evangelical Social Gospel? (which I reviewed here) recently posted an article in the Huffington Post …

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News of the Week: October 31 – November 6

Recapping interesting things in the news and on the net in the past week. Unfortunately, I missed posting this on …

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Book Reviews

“Panderer to Power: The True Story of Alan Greenspan” Book Review

Book Review of Panderer to Power, by Frederick Sheehan. McGraw-Hill: New York, 2010. Retail: $29.95 For the bulk of my …

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Ron Paul’s "End the Fed" Now Available!

I have ordered my copy and now await the arrival of End the Fed by Ron Paul, his exposition on …

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