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Elucidating Ellul: On Democracy

The term “democracy” is used for an incredibly diverse array of ideas. For some, “democratic” means “has elections.” For others, …

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Elucidating Ellul #3: Statism

What used to be a utopian view of society, with the state playing the role of the brain, not only …

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Elucidating Ellul #2: Appearances and Facts

Ellul’s French contemporary, Michel Foucault, argued that knowledge is manufactured through power relations in society. In fact, he spoke of …

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Elucidating Ellul #1: The Problems of Capitalism and the Bigger Problems of Socialism

The French sociologist Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) was not just ahead of his time. He was a remarkably independent and eccentric …

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Book Reviews

Reflecting on the Sufferings and Temptations of Jesus

This is a video review of the book “If You Are the Son of God” by Jacques Ellul, French theologian …

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President's Blog

Where should Christians side?

Here are some very interesting quotes from Jacques Ellul in the book In Season, Out of Season. (HT Scott B. …

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