Biblical Anarchy Podcast

The Biblical Anarchy Podcast was created by Jacob Winograd as a project of the Libertarian Christian Institute, with the purpose of making the case for a free society and decentralized governance based on Biblical principles of limited authority and imitating Christ’s example of the leader/servant. If we render unto God what is God’s, we cannot bow down to Caesar or render anything unto him except that which he deserves. The podcast consists of exploring different Bible passages, anarchist theory, Austrian Economics, and finding the connection and harmony between them.

Ep. 3: The Foundations of an Anti-War Christian, w/ Liam McCollum

Can Christians support war while upholding the Scriptures? What should Christians be saying and praying for regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Today we dive into this topic with guest Liam McCollum. Liam McCollum is a graduate from the University of Montana’s philosophy and journalism programs and is the

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Ep. 2: The Temptation of Control & The First Sin

In this episode we, dive into the temptation of control that plagues mankind, a theme that is so embedded in our existence that it permeates our literature, movies, and culture. We dive into the Bible to see examples of this temptation and how it can be traced all the way

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Ep. 1: What is Biblical Anarchy?

What does the Bible teach us about governance, authority and human relationships? What is Anarchy? Is it violent revolutionaries or radical pacifism? In this pilot episode of the Biblical Anarchy Podcast, we dive into these topics and set the stage for what this podcast’s focus and goal will be, and

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