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Is wealth merely a matter of merit? Can we accumulate too much?

The topic of wealth gets a lot of attention in today’s news, but what does the libertarian Christian think about wealth and abundance? Does God only bless some and not others? Do the wealthy have obligations to share? Where does the topic of equality fit in? 

These questions and more are discussed in the following articles. 

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Is Wealth a Sin?

Whenever statistics about inequality and the so-called “control of wealth” get published, the Progressive blogosphere goes wild and their social media statuses light up with

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The Progress of Greed

Capitalism has an ironic side effect after generations of progress: we forget about the minutia of production and the importance of capital risk and investment.

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Which kind of Equality?

By Edmund Opitz, author of The Libertarian Theology of Freedom and Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies. —- The eighteenth century writers, seeking to set

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Enjoy Capitalism!

This entry is part 5 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

Capitalism is the only moral social system. Only a capitalist system allows you to act in your own interest, to keep what you have worked for and trade it with other willing individuals. For much of human history, wealth has been produced primarily by looting or enslaving others. Under capitalism wealth is created by serving others, by creating values for them.

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Ethics and Business

Business and the businessman have had a bad press, almost uniformly. Do you remember the television show whose hero was a businessman? The show that portrayed this businessman as a person of integrity and vision, who labored long hours to produce a product that supplied a genuine need, which he marketed at prices people could afford? Who treated his employees with generosity and consideration, and his customers with unfailing courtesy? Who was a devoted family man, active in civic affairs, and a churchman?

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