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"War is the health of the state," says Randolph Bourne.

Christians should be against war in all but the rarest of circumstances (even then we should double-check!). 

War in the forest


Fear the President or Fear the Lord e1666959788106

Fear the President, or Fear the Lord?

Today we look at a Christian Post “Voices” article from March 2022, following Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, titled “Fearing the Lord and fearing America’s president.” This author essentially wants to criticize President Biden for being a weak president, in particular citing the Ukraine response and withdrawal from Afghanistan as demonstrative of such. 

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War in the forest

Stop the Yemen War!

In lieu of our normal Weekend Insights post, I want to highlight an important opportunity in the United States happening right now that affects world

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god and war in ukraine

God and War in Ukraine

Truth is the first casualty of war. The current war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine is not an exception. There are no exceptions. Nonetheless,

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