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Telling stories of Christians doing business for the glory of God

The virtue of market-driven work that serves other people is part of God’s design, and thus we should care about the principles of individual liberty that make that possible.

This podcast inspires listeners to realize how their faith in Jesus affects everything around us, including our work in the marketplace. 

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What is a libertarian Christian?

We believe libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought. If you are curious about what it means to be a libertarian Christian, you might want to begin with the following articles. 

The Core Values of a Libertarian Christian

Core Value #1

Christian Political Philosophy Should be Informed by a Holistic View of Scripture, Reason, and Historical Theology

Core Value #2

A Free And Civil Society Depends Upon Respect For The Non-Aggression Principle

Core Value #3

Individual Liberty and the Common Good are not at Odds

Core Value #4

Social Institutions Matter for Human Flourishing

Core Value #5

Christian Theology Affirms the Essential Tenets of Free Market Economics

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