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Jesus was an Anti-Nationalist

This guest post is by Matthew Curtis Fleischer. One of the more overlooked ways in which Jesus brought God’s ethical ideal into full bloom —

War in the forest

3 Reasons Christians Can Be Anti-War

This piece came to me last week indirectly from Scott Horton, host of the AntiWar.com podcast and now the Scott Horton Show for, well, nearly

Can a Christian Join the Military?

This guest post is by Steve Wilder. Steve is an electrical engineer and homeschooling father of four. There are three views Christians hold about war:

How to Challenge Your Governor

This guest post is by Matthew Bellis, a member of LCI’s Advisory Board and co-founder of the ReOpenPA movement.  One of the stricter lockdown states

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Discussing Christian faith and politics is tough. If you’re tired of the typical left/right answers that sound like they were pulled from last night’s cable news, then you need a new way of thinking about faith and politics. This book will help you take your political conversations to the next level.

In Faith Seeking Freedom, the Libertarian Christian Institute has gathered together some of the brightest minds at the intersection of Christianity and libertarianism to collect brief but thoughtful answers to over a hundred questions frequently posed to liberty-loving believers.


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