Author: Laurence Vance

The Way the Market Ought to Work

While in downtown Denver recently, I needed to take a cab from the convention center to Union Station in order to catch the train to

Trade Myths Die Hard

I received several comments and questions regarding trade after the publication of my recent article, “Stupid Countries Restrict Trade.” Here is a summary of some

A Libertarian Primer on the Issues

This article originally appeared on LewRockwell.com in November, 2016.  Although the Libertarian Party has virtually no chance of winning any presidential election, the presidential campaign

Why Not Execute Alcohol and Tobacco Dealers?

Although about thirty countries have the death penalty for drug trafficking, only in China, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Vietnam are drug offenders

Marxist Republicans

May 5 was the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. Although Republicans have universally used the occasion to point out Marx’s bloody legacy,


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