Author: Isaac Morehouse

Billionaires in a Free Market

Someone else having a billion dollars does no harm to you. It very likely makes their life harder – not materially, but emotionally, spiritually, and

The Answer is Always Individualism

I just saw an article by venture capitalist Marc Andreessen called “It’s Time to Build.” I’m both encouraged and troubled by it. I’m encouraged to

Practitioners are the Real Innovators

Credentialed Experts are not at the forefront of innovation and discovery, driving truth forward.  Their job is to tell a story about the past that

Christianity and Self-Ownership

Is the libertarian idea of self-ownership contrary to the authority of God? Not all libertarians believe in self-ownership Before discussing whether or not the libertarian

Curiosity is Better Than Knowledge

If I could choose to be the most knowledgeable person in the world or the most curious, I’d choose the latter without hesitation. Every interesting

We Will Never Live in a Post-Scarcity World

“Post-scarcity”, “Post-economic”, and “Post-capitalist” are meant to convey a fundamental shift in the principles of human action, wrought by technological advancement.  In reality, they are

The Pandemic Bites

Libertarian Christian Answers to Questions about the Pandemic

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