Author: Isaac Morehouse

If You Did Vote, Don’t Complain

Sometimes people say, “If you didn’t vote, don’t complain.”  Nonsense.  Everyone can complain.  Complaining about pompous politicians and oppressive regulations doesn’t require participation in popularity lotteries.

A Better Way: Praxis

“By their fruits you will recognize them.” – Jesus Not what you say, or who you like, or how you vote, or what Facebook groups

Abortion and the Idolatry of Law

After Roe v. Wade, something amazing happened.  New organizations, care centers, adoption services, and support networks for pregnant mothers popped up all across the country. 

Private Charity Isn’t Enough

Originally posted at the Values & Capitalism Blog. “The idea that churches can tackle national poverty, take care of those who are ill, and rebuild

Religion as a Firm

Any time individuals wish to exchange with one another there are transaction costs. The cost of travelling to the location of the exchange, choosing the

The Law is Written on Our Hearts

Cross-posted at the Values & Capitalism Project A great many people believe that changing the law is the solution to social problems. This is a

What’s Wrong with Social Justice?

What does “social justice” mean?  To the extent that it is about justice  – outputs being aligned with inputs; effect being aligned with cause; reaping

Equality, Envy and Idolatry

My latest post over at the Common Sense Concept: The poor in the US are doing very well compared to the poor in Kenya and

Reconciling Rand and Jesus

There have been a number of articles lately about the apparent contradictions among small-government supporters who claim Ayn Rand as a hero and who are


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