2019 Part II

Our 2019 Top 10

If you haven’t had time to check out some of our most-read articles in 2019, here is a quick list to get you started on what articles had the most traffic.

  1. Matt Walsh Is Wrong About Bodily Autonomy and Abortion by Kerry Baldwin
  2. Thirteen Signs Caesar Might Be Lord of Your Life by Dr. Jamin Andreas Hübner
  3. The Politics of Complementarianism by Kerry Baldwin
  4. Should we dox her? How Jesus handled the outrage mob by Jason Rink
  5. The Day Rand and I Parted Ways by Leah Hughey
  6. Is the Bible “pro-government?” by Mike Maharrey
  7. Romans 13 and Stateless Civil Governance: A Reformed View by Gregory Baus
  8. Does Democratic Socialism Promote Biblical Values? by Mike Maharrey
  9. When Christians Love Political Power More Than People by Doug Stuart
  10. Finding Common Ground on Abortion by Ruth Ryder