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The GodArchy podcast shoves a crowbar between state and church. It’s the show where Christian faith intersects with libertarian anarchism.

Don’t Censor Me!

Should “dangerous” or “hateful” speech be shut down? Censorship is all the rage right now. A lot of people reason that as long as the government isn’t shutting people down, private censorship is OK, perhaps even beneficial to society. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I argue that censorship

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Bring Our Troops Home With Dan McKnight — GodArchy Podcast

How do we end America’s endless wars? In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I talk with Dan McKnight, founder of Bring Our Troops Home. We talk about his experience in the military, why he started an organization dedicated to ending foreign wars of aggression, and practical strategy within the

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Thanksgiving’s Economic Lesson – GodArchy Podcast

Did you know Thanksgiving can teach us a valuable economics lesson? When the Pilgrims first established their colony in Massachusetts, they adopted a communal system based on the socialist notion “from each according to their ability to each according to their need.” Like pretty much all socialist experiments, it ended

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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! – GodArchy Podcast

When it comes to Christianity and libertarianism, I bet you’ve got questions. Well, we’ve got answers. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I chat with two of the four authors of a new book published by the Libertarian Christian Institute titled Faith Seeking Freedom: Libertarian Christian Answers to Tough

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Libertarian AND Christian With Norman Horn – GodArchy Podast

Libertarian AND Christian? How does that work? In this episode, I talk with Norman Horn, the founder of the Libertarian Christian Institute. We discuss how libertarian philosophy meshes with Christian theology. We also talk about Norman’s spiritual/political journey and the work of LCI. Show Notes The Libertarian Christian Website LCI

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The High Holy Sacrament of Voting

Have you registered to vote? As election day approaches, we’re being inundated with demands to get registered and go vote delivered with religious fervor. In fact, I argue that voting is one of the high holy sacraments of the religion of statism. So should we vote? And if we do,

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Self-Rule and the Wisdom of Solomon

Rule thyself… Self-rule is one of the cornerstones of libertarian thought. We own ourselves. We generally think of it as a negative obligation – kind of like a no trespassing sign – keep off me. But self-rule also involves a positive obligation – to literally rule ourselves and to direct

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Government “Help” GodArchy Podcast 47

Should libertarians take government help?   Governments have offered all kinds of help during the coronavirus pandemic, from unemployment benefits, to forgivable loans, to outright bailouts. But how helpful has the help been? Judging by this week’s guest Alan Mosley’s experience — not very. But that brings us back to

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His Conscience Made Him Quit: GodArchy 43

Josh Childress worked for the U.S. Border Patrol. Then his conscience got to him. So, he quit. During this interview, we talk about Josh’s slow evolution from statist to voluntaryist, his two stints in the military and why he became anti-war, and the journey that led him to quit his

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Behind The Thin Blue Line: GodArchy 42

There’s rot behind the “Thin Blue Line.” In this episode, I talk about the institutional problems with policing in America. I breeze by the typical arguments about race and riots and focus on what I see as the real problem – an institutional culture steeped in authoritarian violence. I  trace

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Facing the Nitwit Mob With Tom Mullen: GodArchy 41

Is government really the root of our problem? Those of us striving for more freedom and liberty generally focus on government as the enemy. But author Tom Mullen says government isn’t the root of the problem. It’s the nitwit mob that makes the whole system go. As H.L. Mencken said,

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A Fireside Chat With a Lesbian GodArchy 40

How do you navigate this world as a black, libertarian, Christian who happens to be a lesbian? Continuing my fireside chat series, I talk with Kim Schjang, host of the Lesbertarian Podcast. Kim is a Christian and a libertarian anarchist. She also happens to be a black lesbian. We chat

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The Economics of Coronavirus: GodArchy Podcast 39

What about the economy? The coronavirus-induced government shutdowns have had devastating economic impacts. But a lot of people seem to think once we get the pandemic under control and restart the economy, everything will snap back to normal. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I explain why this won’t

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GodArchy Podcast: Coronavirus Edition

How would a free society deal with a pandemic? I freely admit I don’t know the answer to that question. But I suspect it would be better than the response we’re getting from government. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I touch on a number of issues raised by

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The Failure of Government Schools: GodArchy Podcast #36

Government schools are an abject failure. You don’t have to look very deeply to figure out America’s education system is a mess. The typical solution involves throwing more money at it. But what if the system is the problem? What if the whole model of compulsory, government schooling is creating

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The Sermon on the Mount: GodArchy Podcast #35

Did Jesus really mean all that stuff he said in the Sermon on the Mount? The Sermon on the Mount is hard. So hard that a lot of Christians have relegated it to an ideal for some other time and place. But what if Jesus really intended for his people

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The Great Abortion Debate: A Chat With Kerry Baldwin GodArchy #33

Pro-life? Pro-choice? Which side are you on? Few issues are as binary and divisive as abortion. But the standard “pro-life” and “pro-choice” positions in American politics have utterly failed to adequately deal with the issue. Kerry Baldwin has developed a  philosophical framework that can overcome some of the shortcomings inherent

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A Good Guy With a Gun: GodArchy Podcast Bonus Episode

A killer in a church killed. Was this an incident to celebrate or to mourn? In this bonus episode of the GodArchy podcast, I talk about the recent events inside a Texas church. How should we view them? Was the killing of the shooter justified ethically? Morally? How does the

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Build That Wall? GodArchy Podcast #31

Should America build that wall? Should libertarians support it? And what about Christians? In this episode, I tackle the issue of immigration from both a libertarian and Christian perspective in preparation for my upcoming interview with economist Bryan Caplan, author of “Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration. I

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Policing Without Police: GodArchy Podcast #30

Do we really need government cops to “protect us?” Peter Quinones doesn’t think so. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, he joins me to talk about the concept of private policing. Peter and I discuss the myriad problems behind the “thin blue line,” the myths many people believe about

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Are You Gonna Make Me? GodArchy Podcast 29

How can one believe in Anarchy and also in an Abrahamic religion? if you’re happy for a religious cult to rule your life, why not a country? They’re practically the same thing. Good question. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I answer it. What’s the difference between a country

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His Moral High Horse Is Lame: GodArchy Podcast 28

A lot of people on the left (and the right) justify their politics because they view their preferred policies as just, compassionate and loving. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I look at a blog post by Christian activist John Pavlovitz. He makes just such an assertion. In the

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