The Sermon on the Mount: GodArchy Podcast #35

Did Jesus really mean all that stuff he said in the Sermon on the Mount?

The Sermon on the Mount is hard. So hard that a lot of Christians have relegated it to an ideal for some other time and place. But what if Jesus really intended for his people to live the ethic he taught in that sermon?

In this episode, I talk with pastor and author Mark West. Mark has become a regular contributor to the GodArchy website and is currently working on a book on the Sermon on the Mount.

To kick off the conversation, Mark shares a little about his spiritual and political journey. From there we delve into a discussion on the Sermon on the Mount. What does it mean for us today? Are we really supposed to live out the ethic Jesus taught? If so, how would it affect the way we interact with others? How would it impact our politics?

Show Notes

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