A Fireside Chat With a Lesbian GodArchy 40

How do you navigate this world as a black, libertarian, Christian who happens to be a lesbian?

Continuing my fireside chat series, I talk with Kim Schjang, host of the Lesbertarian Podcast. Kim is a Christian and a libertarian anarchist. She also happens to be a black lesbian. We chat about a wide range of topics including the impacts of the government coronavirus shutdowns, Kim’s journey from the far left to libertarian anarchism, her Christian faith and her sexuality, identity politics, the intersection between libertarian philosophy and Christian theology and a lot more.

Personal Note

I’ve already had some people ask me why I would do this episode. I understand that many Christians believe homosexual activity is sinful. I am neither condoning or condemning Kim’s sexuality or her lifestyle. To be honest, there are plenty of sins in my own life that I am dealing with as I work through my relationship with Jesus. I am in no position to cast judgment on somebody else. I thought getting Kim’s perspective would be worthwhile – and I believe if you listen to the interview, you will agree, even if you don’t agree with everything she says. I’ll be honest — I don’t understand homosexuality. It’s not something I’ve personally dealt with. I realized a long time ago that I can’t understand everything.  My job is to love people and treat them with the kind of dignity I hope others will treat me with. Ultimately, we are each responsible for our own relationship with God.

My goal on the GodArchy podcast is to highlight various perspectives on libertarianism, voluntaryism and Christianity. I’ve interviewed an atheist and I’ve interviewed a Muslim. That certainly doesn’t mean I endorse every word that comes out of their mouths. But I think it’s important to talk with others and find common ground. I hope folks will listen with an open mind. If it’s too much for you, move along.

Show Notes

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