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The GodArchy podcast shoves a crowbar between state and church. It’s the show where Christian faith intersects with libertarian anarchism.

Tank Man: GodArchy Podcast #24

Would you stand in protest in front of a column of tanks? Tank Man did. You’ve almost certainly seen the iconic photo of the man standing in front of a column of Chinese tanks in Tiananmen Square. Nobody knows who that man was nor anything about his fate. Robert Anthony

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Identity Politics and Race: GodArchy Podcast #23

Can politics fix racism? I don’t think so. In fact, I believe politics exacerbates racial tensions. Race has become one of the most dominant issues in American politics. On one side, we have a bunch of people who think everything is racist and blame all of society’s ills on white

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Black Guns Matter With Maj Toure: GodArchy Podcast #22

Your right to self-defense is a natural right that flows logically from the concept of self-ownership. That right is increasingly under assault as governments attempt to crack down on various types of firearms in the name of safety. Maj Toure is having none of it. He is the co-founder of

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Walking the Talk: GodArchy Podcast #21

What would you do if your spiritual and political beliefs evolved to the point that they were at odds with an important part of your life?David Swain had to confront this question. When his political and spiritual journey led him to reject war, he had a problem — he worked for

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Government Does; We Do Better! GodArchy Podcast #20

Government does stuff. We can do it better!Do you ever get tired of politics? It seems like everything these days is political. Heck, we’ve even politicized chicken sandwiches. As a result, it seems like pretty much everybody looks to the political process to solve the world’s problems. Everybody wants the

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A Fireside Chat With a Muslim: GodArchy Podcast #18

Can a Muslim and Christian get along on a podcast together? The answer is a resounding yes! In this episode, I chat with Muslims4Liberty cofounder Hesham El Meligy. I spend a lot of time asking Hesham questions about his faith, and he smashes some common misunderstandings and stereotypes. And of

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Un-Politics: GodArchy Podcast #16

What if we just ignored the government? In this episode, I talk with activist and radio show host Lou Sander about agorism, counter-economics and underground economies. Most activism directed at changing the political system involves utilizing the political system.  Lou believes there is a better way — simply do an

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A Fireside Chat With an Atheist: GodArchy Podcast #15

Can a Christian and an atheist find some common ground? Why yes. Yes, we can. In this episode, I talk with fellow libertarian anarchist Alan Mosley, who happens to be an atheist. We talk about our differences, find common ground, and discuss why killing people and taking their stuff isn’t

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This Is My Story: GodArchy Podcast #13

In this episode of the GodArchy Podcast, I get personal. A couple of people have asked me to share my testimony. I’ve touched on it before, but in this episode, I share my spiritual journey and how it impacted my political evolution.

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“We” Are Not the Government: GodArchy Podcast #12

You often hear people assert, “We are the government; the government is us.” In a nutshell: no! Here’s a question: if we are the government, as so many people assert, why am I suing myself? (I have been involved in an open records lawsuit with the city of Lexington for

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Decentralizing the State and the Church: GodArchy Podcast #10

In this episode, I talk with entrepreneur Jason Rink about decentralization of both government and the Church. Political decentralization is a fundamental libertarian concept. Should we be thinking in similar terms when it comes to the Church? In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, Jason and I discuss this idea.

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Knocking Down Three Common Objections: GodArchy Podcast #9

I hear three objections to the ideas presented by GodArchy over and over and over again. In this podcast episode, I confront them head-on. No matter the particular subject I’m addressing, three objections to the concept of GodArchy – Christian anarchism/voluntaryism – come up time and time again. An anarchist

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Economics and Free Markets: GodArchy Podcast #8

Why should we embrace free-market economics?I’ve had a lot of people tell me we should focus so much on economics. After all, there is more to life than money. We can’t boil down everything to an economic calculation. And yet these same people vigorously advocate for imposing policies that are

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Christian Nonviolence: GodArchy Podcast #7

Does following Christ involve rejecting violence?We call Jesus “The Prince of Peace,” but the history of Christianity has been anything but peaceful.  Despite Christ’s clear teaching about loving your enemies and turning the other cheek, even suggesting that Christians should embrace “pacifism” will make people uncomfortable, if not outright angry. Libertarians

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Romans 13: Obey Citizen! Really? GodArchy Podcast #6

So, what about Romans 13? If you’re a Christian and have been a libertarian for more than about 30 seconds, somebody has thrown Romans 13 at you to prove your political philosophy is incompatible with the Christian faith. The statist interpretation of these verses goes something like this assertion from a

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Who Would Jesus Bomb? GodArchy Podcast #5

Who would Jesus bomb? I’m going to go out on a limb and say, nobody.  In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I make the antiwar case from both a Christian and libertarian perspective. “We pray for peace but we revel in war.” – Steve Hindelong America has been constantly

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Yes. Taxation IS Theft: GodArchy Podcast #4

You’ve almost certainly seen the meme: “Taxation is theft.” But is it? Really? I tackle that question in this episode of the GodArchy Podcast. It’s almost become a cliche’, particularly in libertarian circles. We see the memes all over Facebook. It’s become a go-to retort in comment threads. You can

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Who Owns You? GodArchy Podcast #2

Who owns you? How you answer this questions has important ramifications and should inform the way you interact with other people. In the next two episodes, I am going to cover two foundational ideas that underlie the GodArchy worldview — self-ownership and the non-aggression principle. In this episode, I tackle self-ownership.

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