Are You Gonna Make Me? GodArchy Podcast 29

How can one believe in Anarchy and also in an Abrahamic religion? if you’re happy for a religious cult to rule your life, why not a country? They’re practically the same thing. Good question. In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I answer it.

What’s the difference between a country ruling over me and a religion ruling over me? Quite simply, I chose one and not the other. It all comes down to the issue of compulsion.

In this episode of the GodArchy podcast, I consider the role of authority in our lives. We chose to submit to some authorities. Other authorities force our obedience. I contend that coercing somebody to submit to your will isn’t a morally or ethically legitimate way to relate to them. But why not? Tune in and I’ll explain.

Show Notes

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