Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? GodArchy Podcast 37

“Be Prepared” is more than just a cute Boy Scout motto.

The coronavirus outbreak showed us just how fast society can go from all systems normal to full-blown panic. Within a matter of days, store shelves emptied, people found themselves on lockdown and fear gripped the entire country. It was a wakeup call for me because I wasn’t ready.

Were you?

People tend to make fun of “preppers.” They’re typically reviled as paranoid kooks and they are often the target for mockery. But who’s laughing now? They probably have toilet paper.

Suzanne Sherman has been actively involved in preparedness for more than a decade. She’s not paranoid and she’s not a kook. She just recognizes the need for common sense preparedness. Suzanne joins me on this episode to talk about emergency preparedness and where to start even if you are a square zero.

Show Notes


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