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Teach Your Children Well

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There is nothing wrong with letting kids play as heroes fighting monsters, but sometimes you have to wonder what sorts of messages toys send to kids. For instance, if you need to teach your children about the virtues of remote warfare the recent release of die-cast aerial drone toys:

Seriously, this exists. And the reviews on Amazon are just hilarious. My favorite: “This is the best toy ever. Finally, I can pretend that I’m a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! It’s like I’m sitting right there in the White House with my very own kill list!”

(By the way, you could alternatively demonstrate to your kids that you care about peace by joining the Clear Skies Initiative.)

Or perhaps you want to show your child that it is perfectly alright to submit to a naked-body scan at an airport or to get felt up by a TSA agent. In that case, I suggest the TSA checkpoint kit:

Really, who comes up with this stuff? There is wisdom in the book of Proverbs: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

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Recapping interesting and significant news stories and media from the past weeks…

Chuck Baldwin asks some very pointed questions to evangelicals everywhere about war and their faith.

To those evangelicals disheartened by this past week’s elections results, Tim Suttle has a few words for you as well.

They could use a lesson from Bob Murphy as well regarding the futility of politics, and from Brian Cole on why libertarianism is the only political ideology that should make sense to Christians.

Four more years of Obama? Time for some nullification. (Note: Any president requires us to practice nullification, I don’t care who.) Make sure to get the documentary (I was involved in the production!) and watch for the efforts of good folks like David Simpson standing up to the Feds. Even now, we know we are having an effect.

Obama only waited 24 hours after election night to bomb another country with drone strikes, but the Federal government’s drone terrorism has been going on for a loooooong time.

Republicans miss the point of tax cuts, says LCC writer Laurence Vance at the Future of Freedom Foundation.

Iran seems to be on the short list for the next victim of American interventionism, and economic sanctions are already having a major effect on their population. It is incredibly important for libertarians to oppose all such interventionist policy.

Gary North emphasizes how important homeschooling is to the future of liberty.

You think the current voting machines are bad? Check out what they are considering in Florida! (Alert: Satirical)

Have you been to LCC recently? If not, here are a few posts you may have missed:

Have something you want to share? Please let us know in the comments. I read every comment and respond to most of them. Thanks for your support!

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News of the Week: Obama the Warrior

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It has been a few weeks since I have done a “News” post like this, and for good reason. I’ve driven across the country, moved from a condo to a house, and walked in the PhD convocation at the University of Texas at Austin. Actually, that’s kind of big news in and of itself… Well, now you can officially call me “Dr. Horn”! (See the picture of me and my wife.) And now, the news…

I find it astonishing at times that conservatives criticize Obama for his supposedly non-Bush-like foreign policy directives. In truth, he has ramped up everything that Bush did and gone so much farther than even I would have thought possible – and I was sure he was going to be bad! The heroic Glenn Greenwald has written a splendid article about Obama the Warrior, who has made Bush look meek by comparison in many areas. You would think that after three wars, 1.2 million deportations, and numberless other broken promises, liberals would cease to love the Dear Leader.

Obama the Warrior (Credit: AP)Glenn Greenwald also recently wrote another article about the governmental mistreatment of an American Muslim that is worth reading.

It seems like every time I talk about how the government can’t do anything well and that we’d be better off without them, somebody has to object by saying “What about the ROADS???” Besides how silly this sounds on its face (why is socialism so good for roads but not for something even more important, like food?), we occasionally get glimpses of what happens when the government fails so badly that people take things into their own hands. These businesses in Hawaii built what was thought to be a $4 million road project for the community for FREE in just EIGHT DAYS. Huzzah for voluntary solutions!

Did you hear that Austrian economics Bob Wenzel of delivered an address at the New York Federal Reserve Bank? Talk about speaking truth to power!

Want to ruin a child’s life forever? Try handcuffing and arresting a kid in school for being naughty.

The courts now say that you do not deserve any privacy at an airport, but the TSA does.

Prometheus Unbound reports that the IP legal problems surrounding ebooks is steadily getting worse and worse.

In other interesting IP issues, Naked Capitalism has a fascinating article about software and coding and the legal issues that abound in the industry. If you are interested in high-tech stuff, this is worth spending a little time reading thoroughly.

On the lighter side, I’m super-excited that one of my favorite shows ever, Arrested Development, will be coming back for a fourth season exclusively on Netflix!

Have you visited LCC much recently? If not, here are some posts you may have missed:

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Last week, I had the opportunity to be on the InfoWars Nightly News to talk about the TSA’s full body scanners and our efforts in Texas to stop the TSA’s war on our civil liberties. We discussed the health risks, the effectiveness, and the politics surrounding the TSA from national to local. They said we would have 15 minutes, but we ended up having so much fun that we kept going for 23! Hopefully you will enjoy it too…

Make sure you check out the website I helped create at, and start getting ready for the next round against the State!

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News of the Week (coup edition)

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Norman’s away this week in Las Vegas as a Libertarian Party delegate at their national convention, and is leaving it up to me to do News of the Week. Incidentally, Norman has been working with Lee Wrights’s campaign for the LP presidential nomination for some time.

Biggest item? Well, Norman is gone, so that means I’m in charge (at least until he approves my article for  submission).

Most absurd item of the week: Playmobil now has a TSA Checkpoint set for kids. (Short video here.) Now your kids can pretend to be molesters TSA agents, and/or parents can use this as a tool to encourage obedience to the State.

Ron Paul fans will be happy to know (if they don’t already) that Ron Paul has accumulated a considerable number of delegates for the GOP Tampa convention. Is his “Moneyball” strategy workingRachel Maddow (ironically) seems to be the only cable news host covering this with any level of honesty. Fox”News” seems to concede at times, but largely ignores Paul’s progress. Could this be 1920 GOP convention all over again?

My newest article is the most important article you’ll ever read (this week). Click here for it.

Libertarian Christians (and Norman) getting some positive attention on Infowars here, compliments Laurence Vance. (HT2 Libertarians (New) Facebook Group member Nick).

I cannot stress enough how much Jeffrey Tucker’s writings on Laissez-Faire Blog encourage me every day. While writing about state-related issues, Tucker has the uncanny ability to see it through the eyes of somebody hopeful toward the future through innovation and commerce. If you don’t have Laissez-Faire Bookstore on your RSS feed already, please do so.

Anthony Gregory on why Iran isn’t really the threat the state propagandists wants us to believe it is. Related to Iran, share the image below with your neocon friends:

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