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Action Alert: Support measures to criminalize TSA abuses TODAY

I do not normally post stuff this intensely “legislative” on LCC, but today is an exception. 

StopAustinScanners.org calls to action all supporters of civil liberties today!

There are two bills in the Texas House of Representatives right now that need our help. First, the bill proposing to ban body scanners (HB 1938) has the votes in committee to be moved to the floor, and likely has a supermajority to pass the house on its first reading, but it appears that it is being bottled up in committee under pressure from the speaker.

The “pat-down” bill (HB 1937) is currently tied up in the calendar committee for similar reasons.

We need YOU to do two things TODAY:

(1) Call and email the Calendars Committee and tell them to place HB 1937 (the “pat-down” bill) on the Calendar for a House vote.

(2) Call and email the Transportation Committee and demand for a committee vote on HB 1938 (the “scanner” bill) immediately!

Below, we have provided for you the names, phone numbers, and email addresses for the committees. It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to do something TODAY. If you had time to read this email, you have time to email everyone on this list. You can even cut-and-paste the emails in the comma-separated list below so that you can email them all at once.

We also encourage you to use our fantastic Write Your Representatives Tool (http://stopaustinscanners.org/write/state-legislature/) at StopAustinScanners.org to email-blast every single representative and senator in the state of Texas all at once. Please take five minutes and use this amazing resource.

Calendars Committee:

Comma-separated email list for Calendars Committee: todd.hunter@house.state.tx.us, dennis.bonnen@house.state.tx.us, dan.branch@house.state.tx.us, garnet.coleman@house.state.tx.us, byron.cook@house.state.tx.us, charlie.geren@house.state.tx.us, jim.keffer@house.state.tx.us, tracy.king@house.state.tx.us, lois.kolkorst@house.state.tx.us, eddie.lucio@house.state.tx.us, allan.ritter@house.state.tx.us, eddie.rodriguez@house.state.tx.us, burt.solomons@house.state.tx.us, vicki.truitt@house.state.tx.us, john.zerwas@house.state.tx.us

Transportation Committee:

Comma-separated email list for Transportation Committee: larry.phillips@house.state.tx.us, drew.darby@house.state.tx.us, dennis.bonnen@house.state.tx.us, yvonne.davis@house.state.tx.us, allen.fletcher@house.state.tx.us, linda.harper_brown@house.state.tx.us, george.lavender@house.state.tx.us, armando.martinez@house.state.tx.us, ruth.mcclendon@house.state.tx.us, joe.pickett@house.state.tx.us, eddie.rodriguez@house.state.tx.us,

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