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Texas House passes legislation banning Security-Theatre Patdowns

David Simpson, the heroic Texas representative who is taking a serious lead in fighting back against the TSA and more in the Texas House. I think he is the Ron Paul of the Texas legislature. I have been working with him for some time now promoting legislation that would ban the TSA (or any government entity in Texas, for that matter) from molesting people as a precondition to entering an airport or a public space.

Yesterday at about 11:00 pm CST, the Texas House passed – by unanimous voice vote – our bill HB 1937, which bans these patdowns. Now, although this has yet to be heard and passed in the Texas Senate or signed by the governor, this is a major victory and it is cause for rejoicing. This is the first serious TSA interposition legislation that I know of (readers correct me if I have missed legislation passed in other states), and I am so very proud to have been involved with its formulation and promotion. But it also could not have been done without the hard work of StopAustinScanners.org, TSA Tyranny, Texans for Accountable Government, the Texas Republican Liberty Caucus (and the various county parties who passed resolutions in favor of the legislation), the Libertarian Party of Texas, the many student organizations around Texas, and of course people just like you who have made it a point to get the word out there to people.

Nevertheless, this battle is not yet over. The bills need to move through the Senate and be signed by the governor first. So let’s be diligent to keep doing what we have already been doing and finish this work. If you haven’t already done so, write the Texas Legislature via our awesome tools at StopAustinScanners.org and let them know what you think.

Down with tyranny!