News of the Week: November 14-20

This past week I have been traveling a lot. Currently I’m in Columbus, OH visiting my lovely wife, so I haven’t been, uhh, available to post… Anyway, here are some of the interesting or significant news items of the week…

Once again, the TSA debacle has dominated the news this week as we lead up to the biggest traveling season of the year (i.e. Thanksgiving).

Art Carden from the Mises Institute had an article in Forbes this week on the TSA. The title is awesome: Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer.

The heroic Bill Grigg shares his thoughts on the TSA issues of the day.

Representative Ron Paul addressed Congress on the issue this week as well.

Steven and Debra Wallace even have a parody song about the TSA: Take Your Planes and Shove ‘em.

In other news…

Hollywood is apparently just another one of the thugs. No surprise there.

Shouldn’t we privatize college football already?

I’ve been interested for some time in how college students cheat on homework and papers (it’s a long story, and has to do with how I caught a cheater in a graduate student class). This story surfaced this week regarding a massive cheating ring in a business school. Moreover, it dovetails nicely against a big reveal this week in The Chronicle where a “shadow writer” explains his business of writing all kinds of research papers for students willing to pay. The article itself is fascinating and I highly recommend it.

And finally, my favorite comic of the week.