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Rights, Obligations, Favor and Love

John Knowlton is an entrepreneur, pastor, and avid cyclist. He lives in Kalamazoo, MI with his wife and children. Find …

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What if You Weren’t Allowed to Vote?

I want to do a brief thought experiment. Despite the implausibility of this scenario, I think it might explain why …

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Libertarianism and the Power of the Gospel

Christians throughout the centuries have always communicated the good news of the Kingdom of God in the vernacular of their …

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Progressives, Libertarians, and God’s Economy

When progressives emphasize social justice by using collectivist phrases like “common good” and “caring for our neighbor,” the typical reaction …

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Economic Theory, Self-Interest, and the Bible

This entry is part 20 of 44 in the series Christian Theology of Public Policy Course

This essay continues the Christian Theology and Public Policy Course by John Cobin, author of the books Bible and Government …

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Book Reviews

“Christians and the Common Good” Book Review

Review of Christians and the Common Good, by Charles Gutenson (Brazos Press, 2011). 192 pages, $19.99. —- Christians and non-Christians …

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