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Christian Libertarian vs. Libertarian Christian – Is there a difference?

If you were to believe the Wikipedia entry on libertarian Christianity, you might think that there is truly a significant difference between those who say they are “Christian libertarians” and others who say they are “libertarian Christians.”

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Book Reviews

“Economics in Christian Perspective” Book Review is pleased to welcome Michael Douma as our next guest poster, reviewing “Economics in Christian Perspective: Theory, Policy, and Life Choices” by Victor Claar and Robin Klay.

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Speedlinking Friday

First off, congrats to Baroness_Fel for writing the 100th comment on LCC (and on the 50th post, no less), in …

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Book Reviews

How to Be Evangelical without Being Conservative

I was first introduced to Roger Olson through his book Who Needs Theology?, which I read for one of my …

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Christian Worldview

New Testament Theology of the State: Romans 13, Give Unto Caesar, and Other Bible Verses about Government

New Testament Theology of the State This paper was originally published on in September 2007 entitled, New Testament Theology …

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