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Virtually unknown pub "Faith & Freedom" now available on

Hardly anyone has ever heard the old circular Faith & Freedom, originally published in the 1950s by the early libertarians and Old Right. One of my new favorite authors, Edmund Opitz, regularly wrote articles for the pub, and even Murray Rothbard wrote for it under the pseudonym “Aubrey Herbert.”

I just found out that the Mises Institute is now scanning and uploading old F&F issues to their database. I am extremely excited about this. So far, over 40 issues are available right now. I don’t know if more are on the way or if the collection is complete, but hey 40 issues is no small number. It’ll take a while to read through…

See the Mises Blog Post by Jeff Tucker: Faith & Freedom – Mises Economics Blog.

And for future reference, here is the archive of issues again: Faith & Freedom Archive.

UPDATE: Jeff has informed me that the collection of F&F issues available in the Mises Archive is indeed complete.