Podcast: Response to Comments on Josephus Article

Today I have a special treat for everyone: the first ever LibertarianChristians.com Podcast!

I have been wanting for some time to do a podcast in response to the many emails and comments I received about my article posted here and on LewRockwell.com called Josephus on the Origin of the State. Before listening to this podcast, you should read the article and peruse a bit through the comments since that will give you the background of the talk.

It’s just over 18 minutes long, and you have the option to either stream the audio by clicking the widget below or downloading the file directly. (If the widget doesn’t show up below, you may not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your system.) Enjoy!


Right click here to download the entire audio file. [mp3]

I would really appreciate your comments on the podcast once you have listened to it. What did you like, what didn’t you like? This is my first time doing a podcast like this, so any constructive criticism will help! :)