Special Announcement: Audiobook of Vance’s "Christianity and War" Releases Today!

image If you listened to the most recent LCC Podcast, you already have heard the big news. But, for those who have not, Laurence Vance has given his blessing to me to record the audiobook of his incredible Christianity and War, and Other Essays Against the Warfare State, as a series of podcasts on LCC! Tonight, the first installment will be released for your listening pleasure. I am super-excited about this opportunity to bring this book to you, and I hope that Vance’s words will be heard by many who may never have otherwise read his amazing work. Vance takes on the assumption that Christians should support aggressive war, and he shows why the Prince of Peace would never sanction such actions. We can be confident that aggression is not part of being a disciple of Christ.

Each installment will be no more than 25 minutes long (my goal is 20, but you never know…) and I will go through the book essay-by-essay, chapter-by-chapter. The book is over 300 pages long, so it will likely take a few months to do this. After the book has been fully recorded, the plan is to add it to the Mises.org archive, Dr. Vance’s website, and of course LibertarianChristians.com.

It will be very easy to keep track of the recordings as they are posted. For regular LCC readers, your RSS or email subscription will update you immediately upon release. (Please subscribe if you have not already done so!) If you have an mp3 player, such as an iPod or Zune, you can subscribe to the Podcast RSS Feed so that your software will automatically download the podcasts as well.

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