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Why Every President Sucked

LCC Reader and Humble Libertarian Blogger Eric Olson informed me recently of his latest project: Why Every President Sucked. You absolutely must check it out.

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Sunday is Coming!

This video was too good not to post, so enjoy this great parody movie trailer… Now, to be clear, I have very little against “contemporary

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Freedom: My Anti-Gov

This entry is part 7 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

Freedom subsumes individual liberty and personal responsibility. If individuals are free to act and also held responsible to bear the consequences for their actions, good outcomes will be reinforce correct behavior and bad outcomes will provide a learning experience. When government gets in the way of this feedback loop, it prevents the development of virtue and merely subjects the individual to the will of the State.

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Enjoy Capitalism!

This entry is part 5 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

Capitalism is the only moral social system. Only a capitalist system allows you to act in your own interest, to keep what you have worked for and trade it with other willing individuals. For much of human history, wealth has been produced primarily by looting or enslaving others. Under capitalism wealth is created by serving others, by creating values for them.

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Earth Liberation

This entry is part 4 of 22 in the series Great Libertarian Memes

Government policies cannot mimic the dynamism and spontaneity present in the market, and, in fact, more often than not create perverse and unintended consequences. The solution to environmental concerns is not for more government intervention but for the application of a free market approach, which encapsulates entrepreneurship, property rights, and voluntary transactions.

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The Pandemic Bites

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