Ep 117: Christians Should Not be Divided By Politics

Ep 117: Christians Should Not be Divided By Politics 

In this episode, I play a recording of a sermon that I preached at my church on Sunday, March (not May as I accidentally say in the intro) 10, 2024, entitled Give Us Division. This is a part of a larger series called Give Us a King, where we explore what the Bible says about kingship. I discuss how politics are inherently divisive because they are about power, and why we were not created to rule over one another. I explain that, because Jesus is the only true king, we are loyal to him alone and should not let politics divide us as Christians. I really enjoyed preparing for and preaching this sermon, and I think that you all will like it as well! As an added bonus, I also taught a four-week course on the Gospel at my church that I reference in the sermon, and I will include a link to the website I made for the class below. Enjoy!

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