Author: Austin Rogers

The Rot At The Core Of American Politics

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” —Thomas Jefferson Lately, I’ve been thinking about

Who Is My Brother’s Keeper?

“The day when we decide that the Government is our brother’s keeper, that is the day the spirit of compassion has been lost.” —Herbert Hoover,

God And Money: Three Radical Ideas

Jesus Christ enjoyed the greatest privilege imaginable, and yet he did not hoard it for himself. Instead, he lovingly sacrificed himself and his privilege for

Trump: A Presidential Post-Mortem

In the wake of this highly contentious election, it would be useful to issue an early autopsy on the Trump presidency — not so much about why he didn’t win, but rather the good or bad of his policies and actions as president. Through such a post-mortem, I think it will become clear why pessimism about America is well-founded for libertarians and classical liberals today.

“Christian America” Is Dead. Where Does Our Hope Come From?

When it comes to the contemporary political and cultural landscape, I believe a large segment of American Christians feel completely surrounded with no means of escape, and they are fighting like hell against their enemies. To be sure, not every American Christian feels this way — only those who identify America, consciously or subconsciously, as fundamentally Christian in its character and values.

The Two American Conservatisms

“We cannot allow our country to be deprived of the Judeo-Christian values that make it so great.” That is the statement printed on the front


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