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On Saturday March 5, you and my good buddy Dr. Norman Horn, will be discussing one of my favorite topics — liberty and Christian faith – on Up for Debate with Julie Roys. I’m the kind of guy who loves debates, so I am really looking forward to the conversation.

As brothers in Christ, you, me, and Norman share a lot in common. We share a commitment to rightly understanding and applying the Bible. We share a commitment to loving our neighbor as ourselves. And we share a commitment to speak the truth in love, which I hope we agree still applies when it comes to hotly contested areas such as politics.

As a libertarian there are fewer things more frustrating than somebody arguing against a position we don’t really hold. Thankfully you have the opportunity to know exactly what kind of libertarianism Norman and the Libertarian Christian Institute argue for. This site is arguably the largest resource representative of Christian libertarianism, and it is certainly the best resource for what we believe.

I guess what I want to say is this: welcome to our home. We have worked hard to make it our own. So hang out with us for a few hours, kick off your shoes and relax, and take it all in. We might not convince you of anything, but we hope you’ll know more about us before Saturday.

To make it a bit easier, I’ve curated a few articles you might want to start to learn about what we believe and why.


Doug Stuart
LCI Board Member and despiser of fruitless debates…

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