Up For Debate – Christian Libertarianism and Al Mohler

On March 5, 2016 at 12PM EST,  I will be on the Up For Debate show with Julie Roys on the Moody Radio Network. My fellow guest will be the esteemed theologian and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Al Mohler. The topic: Can Christians be libertarians? From the show’s description:

Can Christians can be libertarians, or is libertarianism inconsistent with Christian ideals?  Julie Roys, host of Up for Debate, will be discussing the issue with Al Mohler, President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who says libertarianism is idolatrous. Challenging his perspective will be Norman Horn, founder of the Christian Libertarian Institute, who argues that “libertarianism is the most consistent expression of Christian political thought.”  Listen on this episode of Up for Debate!

This is a fascinating opportunity. Mohler believes Christian libertarians have an idolatrous philosophy, but we Christian libertarians believe that statism itself is an idol, whether American or otherwise. We even have a name for it: “statolatry”. And what is it about libertarianism that makes us idolatrous? We think that no one should initiate force against others, and we think that should be applied consistently for all mankind whether they presume power within the state or anywhere else. Last I checked, that was pretty consistent with Scriptural principles. Let’s see what Mohler has to say…

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