Laurence Vance, Sherri Wall, and Colin Gunn are coming to CFL

What a grand announcement we have today! We can now confirm three more speakers for our already stellar Christians for Liberty 2015 Conference schedule: Dr. Laurence Vance, Sherri Wall, and Colin Gunn.

If you have been a Christian libertarian for long, you know our second keynote speaker, Dr. Laurence Vance. He has been a long time columnist for, the Mises Institute, the Future of Freedom Foundation,, and much more. Much of his work has been collected in book form, and his latest books include War, Christianity, and the State and The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom.

Sherri Wall is a professor of economics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she has taught since 2006. She is a popular teacher there and spends considerable effort promoting free markets through her classes, videos, and interactions with student groups.

Colin Gunn is a documentary filmmaker from Waco, Texas. His most recent production is Wait Till It’s Free, which examines the state of health care in the United States following the Affordable Care Act and delivers some profound Christian truths to the viewer. It was featured on LCC recently as well!

It is truly an honor to have these three wonderful speakers join us.

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