News of the Week, Aug. 26, 2012 Edition: Crucifixion Hoaxes?

Recapping the interesting and significant news and articles of the past week.

A hoax has been traversing the net recently about Muslim fundamentalists crucifying Christians in Egypt. Aaron Taylor of Evangelicals for Peace explains what is REALLY going on at his Middle East Experience blog.

Christians should have heeded Ron Paul’s message – here’s why.

Gene Healy rips on the Parasite City, otherwise known as Washington, D.C. I like to call it Mordor.

I recently watched the new Batman movie at the theatre… Did you know that Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises once made an appearance in a Batman comic book?

This Kansas prosecutor was defeated by the total stupidity of the state’s marijuana laws. Is this an example of jury nullification?

Todd Akin made some pretty wacky comments this week about rape. Judge Andrew Napolitano had this to say in response.

Have you been to LCC recently? If not, here are a few posts you may have missed:

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