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Happy 50th Birthday to Laurence Vance

Today marks the 50th birthday of one of my favorite Christian libertarians alive – Dr. Laurence Vance. He has spent countless hours writing in opposition to war and militarism, and has influenced my own thinking greatly. His book Christianity and War is a work of grand scope, covering the history, theology, and philosophy of war from a Christian point of view. His articles at, The Future of Freedom Foundation, The Mises Institute, and elsewhere have affected countless people and persuaded many to abandon an idolatrous treatment of militarism and government.

Personally, he has been a great and encouraging friend to me as well. Before Laurence ever penned a word for, he conversed with me about the necessity of this work and how important it was to elucidate the connections of Christian theology and libertarian thought. I count Laurence among those most influential to my own development and the building of LCC from the very beginning.

So, happy 50th, my dear friend, and may we have many more to celebrate in the future! Also, later today LCC will run Laurence’s story of his own antiwar odyssey – so be on the lookout!