Liveblogging “Public Jesus”

Tim Suttle, whose first book I reviewed here, recently published his second work, Public Jesus. The copy the publisher sent came with an accompanying DVD and discussion guide, though these are optional (if you just read the book, you get a video transcript in each chapter).

Though we disagree on a few things, I’ve greatly appreciated Suttle’s take on Christians relating to society, and I believe libertarian Christians can learn from what his contribution to the faith. For those cynical about a Progressive contributing meaningfully to the libertarian paradigm of thinking, I’ll respond by quoting Steve Horwitz, “The world is not just about good guys and bad guys, but about real people whose ideas are good and bad in various mixtures. We need to appreciate them when they are good, even if it isn’t all the time. If we don’t, we will throw away good arguments for freedom.”

In the coming weeks I will be liveblogging all six chapters. For each I will share a brief synopsis, reflect on the content, contrast how I would have written the chapter myself, and explain why libertarians could benefit from what Suttle has to say.

If you’re so inclined, read it along with me. It is not very lengthy and is available on Kindle. In doing so, you could contribute in the comments and greatly add to the discussion. Expect a weekly posting, though I reserve the right to chew on a chapter longer than normal.

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