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Josephus on the Origin of the State

In The Antiquities, Josephus mentions that the first human government was built by Nimrod, the mighty hunter from the book of Genesis. This appears to be consistent with Genesis; no other organized government (unless you count a “clan”) is mentioned before his. Genesis is, first and foremost, a book of origins, and thus this original human government can arguably be taken as archetypal.

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Stones Cry Out: How Jesus Ends the State

This guest post is from Christians For Liberty 2016 Conference speaker David Gornoski, and originally appeared on FEE.org. Warning: The …

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Lessons in Liberty: Christian Libertarianism

Blayne Bennett from Students for Liberty asked me to write a short article describing what it means to be a …

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Black Magic

By Edmund Opitz Every individual tries to economize his energies by satisfying his needs and desires with a minimum of …

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