Restoring the Church’s Counter Culture Calling: A Year in Review of Biblical Anarchy

Summary – Restoring the Church’s Counter Culture Calling: A Year in Review of Biblical Anarchy

In this episode, Jacob reflects on the journey of the podcast over the past year. He discusses the transition from his previous podcast, ‘The Daniel 3 Podcast’, to the current project under the Libertarian Christian Institute, highlighting the enriching experience of collaborating with the team.

The episode delves into the core mission of the podcast: exploring the intersection of Christian faith with libertarian and anarchist philosophy, emphasizing a biblical approach to government authority, human relationships, and counterculture living.

Key Points

  1. One-Year Milestone: The podcast celebrated its first anniversary, having started in November 2022.
  2. Reflections on Growth: Jacob shares insights into his personal growth and the development of his viewpoints, influenced by his collaboration with the Libertarian Christian Institute.
  3. Christmas Themed Discussions: A throwback to last year’s Christmas episode discussing the Christmas Truce of 1914 and its alignment with the podcast’s mission of advocating peace and freedom.
  4. Listener Engagement: Jacob expresses gratitude towards his audience, sharing interactions and feedback that have enriched the podcast’s content.
  5. Special Mentions: Acknowledgment of contributions from listeners like Nelson, interaction with different podcasts, and discussions on varied topics including Christian libertarianism, movies, and geopolitical issues.
  6. Mission and Approach: Reiteration of the podcast’s mission to analyze biblical teachings on government, justice, and Christian duties in society, and how these intersect with libertarian and anarchist philosophy.
  7. Content Review: Overview of the past year’s episodes covering biblical passages, interviews with influential figures, discussions on cultural and social issues, and Christian perspectives on libertarianism.
  8. Looking Forward: Jacob outlines plans for the coming year, including deeper theological discussions, interviews with libertarian candidates, and engaging debates using advanced AI tools.
  9. Final Thoughts: Emphasizes the Christian responsibility to challenge societal norms, advocating for peace, justice, and a Christian approach

Additional Resources

In this episode, Jacob Winograd mentioned several key resources and episodes that listeners may find insightful. Here’s a list for easy access:

  1. The Daniel 3 Podcast: Explore the earlier works of Jacob Winograd, available on various audio feeds and YouTube:
  2. Silver Screen Biases Podcast: Hosted by Nelson, featuring a discussion with Jacob Winograd about Schindler’s List and Christian libertarianism.
  3. Faith Seeking Freedom Podcast: Jacob Winograd guest hosts to answer questions about Christians in the military and political involvement.
  4. Libertarian Christian Institute’s FreedomFest Interviews: A collection of interviews from the event, including discussions with various libertarian figures.
    1. Interview with Caryn Ann Harlos: Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.
    2. Interview with Spike Cohen, founder of You are the Power and former LP VP candidate.
  5. Conversations with Scott Horton, Connor Freeman, and Kyle Anzalone: Discussions on geopolitical situations, focusing on Ukraine, Russia, and more.
    1. Scott Horton on Russia/Ukraine.
    2. Scott Horton on Israel/Gaza History.
    3. Kyle Anzalone, Connor Freeman and Scott Horton at Freedom Fest discussing Ukraine, China and War Propaganda.
    4. Kyle Anzalone on Israel/Gaza current conflict.
  6. Episodes on Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2: Deep dives into these biblical passages and their teachings on governance and authority.
    1. Render Unto Caesar:
    2. Romans 13 and Other Objections to Christian Anarchism w/John Odermatt.
    3. Honor the Emperor: Does 1 Peter 2 Require Christians to Pledge Allegiance to the State?
    4. What Does Romans 13 Teach Us About Earthly Powers?
    5. Sphere Sovereignty: How Has God Ordered Society?
    6. Why Isn’t the State Biblically Justified? Resolving Romans 13 Objections, with Greg Baus.
  7. Dave Smith Podcast Episode: A conversation about biblical stories, libertarianism, and peaceful parenting strategies.
  8. Bob Murphy Show Appearance: Jacob Winograd discusses Romans 13, Render Unto Caesar, and the Israeli conflict.
  9. Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism.
    1. More Upcoming content focused on these theological viewpoints and their implications on current events.
  10. Mock Debates with ChatGPT
    1. Open AI vs Biblical Anarch.
    2. Understanding Consent: Does Democracy Make Good What the Bible Calls Evil?
    3. Why the State Does Not Protect Property Rights – Debate with Open AI.


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