earthly powers

What Does Romans 13 Teach Us About Earthly Powers?

Summary – What Does Romans 13 teach us about earthly powers?

In this episode, I dive into Romans 13 again. I read the passage and summarize the interpretation I and other reformed libertarians have of it. Then the bulk of this episode deals with an alternative take of Romans 13 that other Christians, including (but not exclusively) some Christian anarchists, have of the passage.

While I don’t entirely agree with this take, as it’s often used as an exhaustive explanation, I see it as having merit in describing how Christians generally ought to respond to those who abuse authority/power. My aim is to explain how this passage can be both prescriptive of the moral norms of authority and civil governance while also being read as a teaching about how God’s sovereignty means we can trust in Him, regardless of what circumstances we find ourselves in.

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