Scott Horton Clarifies Historical Context of the Israeli Occupation in Gaza

Summary – Scott Horton Clarifies Historical Context of the Israeli Occupation in Gaza

In this episode, Scott Horton returns to the show. Scott is an anti-war and libertarian author and podcaster, as well as the director of the Libertarian Institute and senior editor for Scott was on the show last time to talk about the history of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. This time, Scott is bringing the history of Israel and Gaza. In my recent episode with Kyle Anzalone we discussed some of the basic history and then focused on the current conflict and dynamics at play. Kyle mentioned that the phrase used about the Palestinians is that they “never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” When you listen to summaries of the history by Ben Shapiro, he breaks down multiple times that the state of Israel has tried to give the Palestinians their own state, and they turned it down. I asked Scott to answer these claims, and other claims made about the history of the formation of the nation-state of Israel. The truth that Scott reveals is that the Israeli government is not exhausting all options for peace, but rather enforcing the status quo to preserve their hegemony. Listen to the full episode to get an in-depth breakdown of these different stages in the history of Israel and Gaza.


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